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Be part of the “Game Theory in Business” workshop and win your very own e-Leadership MBA scholarship.

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Why MBA?

Why enroll in Algebra’s e-Leadership MBA?

Our study program helps you identify and develop the skills needed to lead people and companies as the digital transformation gains momentum. Croatia and Europe need business leaders who will be able to turn the visions of corporations and startup projects into reality.

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An MBA for the Digital Age

We help you better understand and recognize the strategic perspectives in the age of digital transformation. Starting new projects and making difficult decisions quickly is easier if you understand the situation from a business and technological standpoint!

Lecturers from Kelley School of Business

Most of our lecturers come from the Kelley School of Business (Indiana University), one of the most prestigious business schools in the US, known for its project-based approach to the knowledge required for the leading positions in the business world. Kelley School of Business MBA programs are among the highest-ranked in the US and guarantee the highest educational standards of our study.

An Innovative approach to teaching

Acquiring practical, applicable knowledge is ensured by focusing on concrete business examples and open, reasoned exchange of views between students and lecturers. Interactivity of the lectures is stimulated by real-world business simulations, while individual and team-based tasks allow every student to excel.

Jump-start your career

By gaining new knowledge, ideas and experiences, you build a platform for advancing your career or a career change. Attending an e-Leadership MBA program often leads to taking on managerial positions or switching to a new industry.

The power of networking

You are surrounded by people of different profiles, from different industries, and they all want to meet and learn from other leaders! Making business contacts, new friends and a chance for new opportunities is part of the MBA journey that continues after graduation.

Class schedule tailored to your needs

Weekend classes allow you to attend and pass the modules in line with the rhythm of your business obligations. Summer and winter breaks, and the support of our MBA team, make it easy to balance private, business and academic commitments!

Our programs

e-Leadership MBA

  • Strengthen the skills of leading and empowering complex teams and individuals
  • Understand the impact of management decisions on all participants
  • Solve the most demanding business challenges by utilizing modern business tools and concepts
  • Understand the ethical, socially responsible and legally grounded elements of business

The digital age needs leaders who are strong individuals, have extensive knowledge of the business and technological side of the field in which they operate.

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Mini MBA 4IR

  • Gain insight into the most important business and technological trends of the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Prepare and manage a digital transformation plan for a specific organization
  • Create a Leadership mindset to guide and empower employees

Programs focused on a particular set of skills (Leadership, Business or Digital) provide participants with insights into the practical applications of the dominant business trends of the digital age in a short period of time.

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MBA seminars

  • Align business goals and vision with the changes brought about by the digital transformation
  • Strengthen innovative and creative processes in business
  • Update and harmonize with new digital trends in various industries

Through intensive, workshop-based work, the seminars provide participants with a quick yet in-depth access to the most important topics and challenges of digital economy.

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Tailor-made education

  • Working with you to create a program to suit the needs of management and senior managers
  • Participation of top lecturers and experts
  • High adaptability of content, format, rhythm and mode of implementation

Our professional team works with you in designing and implementing an educational program tailored to your specific business needs. Our goal is to collaborate with you in achieving the best learning experiences directly related to your expectations.

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