• 18 years of MBA study program
  • 17 modules study program
  • 2 year graduate (master) specialized program
  • 120 alumni community members
  • 40 faculty members and experts
  • 100% alumni employed after graduation

Algebra’s specialist graduate professional e-Leadership MBA program, which is part of the Algebra University College, is dedicated to high-quality business education and offers solutions to the challenges of leading organizations in the digital economy era.

The vision of the e-Leadership MBA program is to create a leader who will apply their business excellence to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the 4th Industrial Revolution, and contribute to the development of European society and economy.

The Mission of the e-Leadership MBA program is to serve as a national, regional and European reference and competence center for e-Leadership, strategic management, business transformation and innovation in digital economy, as well as a reliable business partner to local and international entrepreneurs and companies.

The main goal and task of the MBA team, in collaboration with lecturers from the Kelley School of Business, is to ensure the successful organization, execution and further development of the e-Leadership MBA program as an accredited graduate professional study program.


Since September 2009, the Algebra University College has been located at the premises of the University Campus in Zagreb, Gradišćanska 24. The relocation and the opening of our new multifunctional and highly equipped university center is expected in the spring of 2022!

The University Campus in Gradišćanska 24 includes conference auditoriums, student classrooms and up-to-date labs with latest software and network components, internet access, sound and video conferencing equipment and air-conditioning.

The Steve Jobs Auditorium is the main e-Leadership MBA conference and student classroom within the University Campus. Its flexible, up-to-date fittings, IT and organizational setup are able to simultaneously facilitate different types of conferences, meetings, round-tables, classroom and free seating arrangements.

In an effort to provide our MBA students with hands-on experience and professional networking opportunities, as well as to encourage academia-business cooperation, some of the program modules and lectures are organized and take place off-site.

We have visited a number of locations whose inspiring environment encourage learning, team work and community spirit. Depending on the program schedule, we will continue this tradition and once a year try to organize lectures on one of the locations on the Adriatic coast.

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