MBA team

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MBA team

  • 15 years of MBA study program
  • 17 modules study program
  • 2 year graduate (master) specialized program
  • 120 alumni community members
  • 40 faculty members and experts
  • 100% alumni employed after graduation

The main goal and task of the MBA team, in collaboration with lecturers from the Kelley School of Business, is to ensure the successful organization, execution and further development of the e-Leadership MBA program as an accredited graduate professional study program.

Arsen Šolić

Head of e-Leadership MBA

098 9512 952


Maja Dujlović

e-Leadership MBA Coordinator

099 289 2202

Goran Radman

Vice Dean for International Cooperation and Director of the e-Leadership MBA Program

+385 1 5809 304

Nataša Šoić

MBA sales consultant

+385 1 5809 374

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