Partnerships and more

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Partnerships and more

  • 18 years of MBA study program
  • 17 modules study program
  • 2 year graduate (master) specialized program
  • 120 alumni community members
  • 40 faculty members and experts
  • 100% alumni employed after graduation

Our e-Leadership MBA study program is proudly associated with several worldwide Academic and Business Partners, Initiatives and Alliances.

EU e-Leadership Initiative

The European Commission started its e-Leadership initiative activities in 2013 and has since then involved more than 3,500 stakeholders. This project helped a number of universities and business schools to use an assessment tool for the evaluation of e-Leadership curriculum profiles. The first guidelines for curriculum development for e-Leadership skills were developed and are now made available at The European Commission is continuing these activities under the name of ‘leadership skills for the high-tech economy’, run by empirica, along with the PwC, the IDC and the Oxford Martin School at Oxford University.

Furthermore, on March 9, 2021, the Commission presented its vision for the EU’s digital decade and guidelines for Europe’s digital transformation by 2030, evolving around four cardinal points:




The Association of MBAs – AMBA (Business Graduates Association) is an international body whose goal is to permanently preserve the quality of work of the world’s leading business schools. The association brings together business schools that are committed to improving responsible management and lifelong learning practices, thus having a positive impact on its students, the community and the economy as a whole.

American Chamber of Commerce

AmCham members have the opportunity to expand their business contacts and contacts with the government, exchange useful information, advocate for resolving business barriers, organize and attend a series of events where speakers are leading business people and officials, be part of the News & Views magazine containing a wide range of relevant information for the business community and reports on AmCham events, promote charitable projects that benefit the wider community, etc.

AmCham members come from many segments of the business community and include representatives of American and Croatian companies, American and Croatian citizens, as well as representatives of companies, third-country nationals, and non-profit organizations.

MBA Croatia

MBA Croatia is an organization of academically educated professionals who are attending or in the process of completing MBA studies. The organization is committed to promoting the concept of lifelong learning, MBA study and the development of a culture of knowledge.

The main goals of MBA Croatia are establishing international cooperation and networking, being involved in the economy and raising awareness about ethical business practices in Croatia.

Croatian Employers’ Association – HUP UPO i HUP ICT

Algebra University College is a member of the Croatian Employers’ Association, with the Dean of Algebra University College currently holding the position of President of the Croatian Employers’ Association, the branch of Employers in Education (HUP – UPO), while the President of Algebra University College Board of Trustees holds the position of Vice President of the ICT sector Association of the Employers’ Association (HUP – ICT). HUP – UPO connects participants and activities in the fields of education, while the Members Council of HUP involves representatives of all branch associations, thus becoming a place for dialogue on broader strategic issues in the field of education policies.

Through the Council of Members and the branch association for education, as a social partner, the Croatian Employers’ Association, engages the issues related to the development of the educational system, at the level of all economic branches and all educational levels. It also brings together existing and future employers’ activities in developing the Croatian Qualifications Framework, proposing enrollment quotas, preparing the basis for funding from EU structural funds, developing national education strategies, and building new curricula. HUP is a member of the umbrella association of European employers Business Europe which allows its members to be in direct contact with other European employers.

Through this initiative, the Dean of Algebra University is involved in the work of the Advisory Committee for Vocational Education and Training at DG Education and Culture with the European Commission, and today actively participates in other bodies dealing with the strategy of educational system development in Croatia.

Croatian Association for Project Management

The agreement on the development and promotion of professionalization of project management in the Republic of Croatia, and training of new professionals in the certification process for project managers, according to the rules of the International Project Management Association (IPMA), allows students of Algebra University College to take international certification exams according to IPMA standards. Through cooperation with the Croatian Association for Project Management (HUUP), the Algebra University College makes direct contact with the international organization IPMA, which contributes to the development of teaching materials and content within the three courses conducted by the Algebra University College. IPMA (International Project Management Association) is the world’s largest non-profit project management organization made up of national organizations such as HUUP.

IBM Academic Initiative

IBM Croatia and Algebra University College have signed an Agreement on the participation of the Algebra University College in the IBM Academic Initiative, which allows the College and all its students to gain access to IBM’s cutting-edge software and development platforms, as well as all educational materials offered by IBM under this program.

CISCO Networking Academy

Cisco Networking Academy is an innovative global initiative that provides students with knowledge and skills in the field of information and communication technologies. Launched and supported by Cisco Systems, this Academy provides our students with access to a number of educational resources and network systems owned by Cisco Systems.

Microsoft Imagine Academy

Microsoft Imagine Academy is a global IT educational program designed to help schools in ensuring the success of its students and teachers. Access to the latest resources in education through Microsoft technologies makes it easy for teachers to prepare students for the labor market with a high and constantly growing demand for Microsoft technologies.

Oracle akademska inicijativa

Algebra University College has joined an advanced version of this program – “Advanced Computer Science”, in order to provide its students with access to the latest Oracle software, as well as to implement a part of its curriculum through the use of official Oracle teaching materials developed specifically for academic teaching. Since Oracle technologies are used and studied in a number of courses held at Algebra University College, the students can gain a competitive advantage in the Croatian IT market where Oracle technologies occupy a significant part of market share, especially in the database and the Java programming language section.

HubSpot Academy

Algebra University College is an educational partner of the HubSpot Academy, so our students have the opportunity to use the HubSpot methodology and tools in several courses and, in addition, have access to a large database of educational content, as well as the HubSpot certification program.


Dedicated to Quality

Algebra University College is dedicated to achieving and maintaining the highest national and international quality standards in higher education. We regularly and thoroughly assess all of our programs and institutional accreditations as well as the standard certifications. Quality assurance and learning efficiency at Algebra University College are our strategic objectives, necessary to ensure the long-term development of our organization.

Algebra University College received the initial program accreditation recommendation letter from the Agency for Science and Higher Education (ASHE) on July 30, 2015. The final accreditation for the professional master’s degree study program ‘e-Leadership MBA’ was issued by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia on May 30, 2016.

In May 2019, we applied for partial amendments and modifications of the program. The program is currently executed under the reaccreditation recommendation, issued by ASHE on September 21, 2020.

Furthermore, Algebra University College has applied for a membership and accreditation of the e-Leadership MBA program with the Association of MBAs (AMBA).

In 2010, Algebra University College successfully underwent the institutional accreditation process managed by the NVAO (Netherlands – Vlaamse Accreditatieorganisatie), Accreditation Organization of the Netherlands and Flanders. It is important to point out that this was the first external audit of an internal quality assurance system carried out in a Croatian higher education institution. Since then, Algebra University College is the only Croatian institution compliant to the demanding higher education quality standards of one of the leading European accreditation agencies.

We are equally proud of our EHEA/ESG certificate (EHEA – European Higher Education Area – also known as ESG – European Standards and Guidelines), received from the Agency for Science and Higher Education (ASHE) in September 2012. The Croatian legal framework stipulates the implementation of such external audits in each accredited institution once every five years. The QA audit of a higher education institution is a periodic systematic procedure ascertaining whether the activities and the results of these activities, that make up the system of quality assurance of a higher education institution, are efficient and in compliance with national standards and the ESG. The audit also serves to evaluate the contribution to continuous improvement of quality and culture of education. In return, the development of the quality assurance system improves all of our activities, especially educational ones. Algebra University College successfully underwent this independent audit with the highest results, making it the first private institution within the Croatian education system to have been awarded this type of certificate. In addition, this certificate has confirmed that all educational activities, conducted by Algebra University College, are in accordance with quality and standards applied in similar university colleges in the European Union.