Business Simulation

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Business Simulation

Business Simulation

  • developed by data science research center AlgebraLAB and e-Leadership MBA team in response to the ever growing need for talent
  • designed as a business game, where the necessary knowledge and skills acquired through live experience
  • combines theory and practice through lectures, teamwork, testing decisions in the business simulator, and all kinds of feedback from program facilitators
  • suitable for IT, finance, tourism, retail, pharmaceutical, education professionals

*the team who presents the best business case solution wins a voucher worth 135.000 kn. Voucher can be used for e-Leadership MBA program. What do you get by not winning the tournament? Recognition, Experience, Challenge, Knowledge and Fun.

What is assessed through business simulation exercise?

Analytical skills

  • Massive data analysis skills, ability to find crucial information & transform it into profitable decisions

Strategic Planning and Thinking  

  • Ability to analyze circumstances, establish objectives and lay out plans that extend several planning periods into the future

Leadership, Teamwork, and Interpersonal Skills

  • Real team-building experience
  • Participants must fight for their ideas, leverage and improve their negotiation skills
  • Plus respond simultaneously to the ideas of their colleague

Budgeting and Cash-Flow Management

  • Watch your decisions impact on accounts and profitability.
  • Develop your understanding of financial statements and cash flows
  • Trade profitability analysis, establishing mutually profitable trading relations