A tailor-made educational program

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A tailor-made educational program

As part of this program, our professional team works with you in designing and implementing an educational program tailored to your specific business needs. Our goal is to collaborate with you in achieving the best learning experiences directly related to your expectations.

Our experience in providing education services, a large number of excellent lecturers and professional associates, and top technological and organizational infrastructure, allow us to maximize the adaptability of content, format, dynamics and methods of implementation to the expected program outcomes. Acquiring new knowledge, skills and experiences is an exciting and interesting process that happens best in a stimulating, interactive and collaborative atmosphere.

The Algebra MBA team assumes an active role in the entire process of preparation, design, implementation and analysis of program results. This may include conducting preliminary assessments of organizational needs or profiling and selecting candidates in line with the business challenges and expected new competencies. Our team will work with you to create a program directly related to the needs of transforming, enhancing, or determining the business competencies of individuals, teams, or segments to suit with your organization’s development goals. This process could look like this:

Having all this in mind, we are able to implement the program in virtual, hybrid or workshop formats. The program content is similar in all of these formats, but it is methodologically and didactically adapted to the chosen delivery mode. We also pay attention to the appropriate balance of group and interactive learning, as well as individual and mentored work.

A tailor-made program can typically contain a variety of ways and use several complementary teaching methodologies, such as:

  • Case-study based learning
  • Collaborative learning
  • Experiential learning, through the use of frameworks
  • Thematic and expert panel discussions
  • Interactive and multimedia lectures
  • Teamwork for solving organizational problems from real life
  • Teamwork on project and prototype development

Each of the listed methods and methodologies is carefully selected in the context of the expected outcomes, pace and duration of the program, your organizational culture and efficiency.

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