Sales TransformationBusiness

Personality, passion, and a basic set of sales skills are no longer enough. The salesperson of today must master the new sales technologies and digital tools that have become an indispensable part of the sales process and all its aspects; from creating the first sales opportunity to closing the sale, from up-selling to cross-selling.

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Legal TechnologistBusiness

The entrance of alternative providers of legal services onto the market, and the automation of a portion of legal processes drive investment in the development and use of LegalTech products. New technologies such as Blockchain, smart contracts and Artificial intelligence lead to a reassessment of the applicability of fundamental legal postulates, as well as to new, as of yet, unregulated situations.

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Digital FinanceBusiness

Financial business has accompanied us for several millennia. But the disruptions it has been experiencing over the last 20 or so years are drastically beginning to alter the way we use, create and understand finances. We live in the Fintech era defined by personal computers, the internet, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

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GreenTech – put ka kružnoj ekonomijiBusiness

The dynamics of development, creativity and innovation in the sector of ‘green technologies’ in the last two decades is comparable only to the meaning of ‘information technology’ itself.

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Organizacijska kultura inoviranjaStrategy & Innovation

Seminar on the advantages and importance of systemic innovation management and the creation of the corresponding innovation culture. All you need to know about the role of leaders in driving innovations, tools for managing the innovation culture within an organization, and how competitive innovation is.

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