Mini MBA
Fourth Industrial Revolution

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Mini MBA

Mini MBA
Fourth Industrial Revolution

  • Program duration:
    4 months
  • Mini MBA certificate
  • Program hours:
    100 contact hours
  • Location:
    Algebra kampus, Gradišćanska 24

Digital Transformation in Business Management

Mini MBA is an ideal format for business education in our rapidly changing living and working environments. It is also a platform for acquiring a broad insight into the most important business and technological trends of the digital age, networking with lecturers – the leading experts in the world of digital business, and students – business people considering the digital transition of companies or departments they manage.

The knowledge we provide is nowadays an essential tool for all levels of management, literally in all areas of business. We believe that this program provides our participants with a valuable “action plan” for the digital development of their businesses.

In this focused educational program and an optimal timeframe, you will learn in great detail how to:

  • align business goals and visions with the changes brought by the 4th Industrial Revolution,
  • recognize the applicability of individual technologies in a company’s digital transformation,
  • prepare a plan for the digital transformation of your organization,
  • develop and guide the most valuable employees in conditions of constant change,
  • strengthen innovative and creative processes by introducing new technologies,
  • continuously monitor and evaluate the potential of digital trends in your industries.

We are the only digital transformation program in Croatia, intended for a wide range of participants, ideal for everyone already working in managerial, ownership and leadership roles, as well as for those who are yet to advance and take on those roles in the future.

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Prior knowledge of technologies involved and their use is not a prerequisite for participation in the program. The lecturers will gradually, in accordance with the curriculum and in interaction with the group, adjust the dynamics of teaching, and guide the discussions towards the application of technologies in specific business situations.

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