Program Delivery and Lecturers

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Program Delivery and Lecturers

  • Program duration:
    4 months
  • Mini MBA certificate
  • Program hours:
    100 contact hours
  • Location:
    Algebra kampus, Gradišćanska 24

The Mini MBA 4th Industrial Revolution program is a combination of lectures, teamwork in solving practical tasks and individual work.

The lectures are based in real life, team-based, and provide an opportunity to exchange information, experiences and knowledge outside the framework of the curriculum. We strive to find solutions to concrete, practical challenges of the world around us, from AI applications or the Internet of Things, to advanced and predictive data analytics and blockchain technology.

The teachers are the driving force behind every educational process. With that in mind, we have carefully selected the lecturers who possess enviable digital business experience, proven skills for transferring knowledge and motivating participants, and contribute to the uniqueness of the program.

Davor Runje
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Business Management
Milan Parat
Cyber Security and Data Protection in Business Management
Ratko Mutavdžić
Cloud Computing
Goran Radman
Fourth Industrial Revolution & Industry 4.0
Darian Škarica
Virtual and Augmented Reality in Business
Drago Cmuk
Platforms and business models based on the Internet of Things (IoT)
Senad Kulenović
Digital Transformation
Marko Velić
Advanced and Predictive Business Data Analytics
Ivan Maglić
Fourth Industrial Revolution & Industry 4.0
Vedran Brničević
Blockchain Technology Applications
Kruno Lenac
Robotic Process Automation (RPA

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