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Modules and program content

  • Trajanje programa:
    4 mjeseca
  • Stečeni certifikat:
    Mini MBA certifikat
  • Ukupno sati programa:
    100 kontaktnih studijskih sati
  • Lokacija:
    Algebra kampus, Gradišćanska 24 / Gradišćanska 24, Zagreb

The new cycle of Mini MBA 4IR program starts on February 9, 2022.

DATE MODULES Head Lecturer
  Maglić Radman
19 Jan, 2022 Fourth Industrial Revolution & Industry 4.0 Maglić / Radman
2 Feb, 2022 Virtual and Augmented Reality in Business Darian Škarica
16 Feb, 2022 Advanced and Predictive Business Data Analytics Igor Kaluđer
2 Mar, 2022 Platforms and business models based on the Internet of Things (IoT) Marina Pavlić
16 Mar, 2022 Blockchain Technology Applications Vedran Brničević
30 Mar, 2022 Robotic Process Automation (RPA Kruno Lenac
13 Apr, 2022 Cloud Computing Ratko Mutavdžić
27 Apr, 2022 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Business Management Davor Runje
11 May, 2022 Cyber Security and Data Protection in Business Management Milan Parat
25 May, 2022 Digital Transformation Senad Kulenović
——— Closing lecture ————–


Duration of the entire program: 4 months (10 modules). The final calendar and timetable will be confirmed and announced once the enrollment process of all participants is completed.

Classroom implementation and personal development

Mode of delivery: interactive workshop-type coursework, individually or in dynamic groups

Literature: digital resources for each topic – slides, e-books, articles, case studies, websites

Location: Algebra University College Campus, Gradišćanska 24, Zagreb, Croatia

Alternatively on-line: Zoom

Language: Croatian, English if required

Final Certificate: Algebra 4IR Program Certificate