Mini MBA Leadership 4.0

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Mini MBA Leadership 4.0

Management and agile leadership skills for the digital transformation

Leadership and management skills are based on our empathy, creativity, inquisitive spirit and personal, as well as team commitment to problem solving. These values remain the basis of successful organization management even in the context of the digital business transformation. Technology alone will not make your organization stand out – this will require excellent leadership and exceptional individuals and teams.

The Mini MBA Leadership 4.0 program is designed to turn excellence in leadership into a natural way of running your business. The goal of this program is to provide participants with an insight into business skills and knowledge needed for personal development, as well as for leading colleagues and organizations through the challenges of dynamic changes brought on by the dramatic developments of the digital age.

Who is this program for?

  • IT and business executives who have a need for team leadership skills
  • human resources staff, as well as employees of strategic, project and product management departments
  • founders and directors of micro, small and medium business enterprises
  • heads of departments preparing for managerial positions
  • talented individuals who have been recognized as having potential for management positions

By attending this program, participants will get a general overview and understanding of:

  • improving one’s ability to lead by developing self-awareness, motivating colleagues and influencing the organization by using modern methods for encouraging innovation and creativity,
  • creating and maintaining highly talented, energetic and highly efficient collaborative teams and employees,
  • assessing the importance and application of various up-to-date tools and procedures needed to address leadership challenges within an organization, personal and organizational development through continuous teacher mentoring and project tasks

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