Image for Algebra IgBS MBA program presentation in HUB385, Zagreb

Algebra IgBS MBA program presentation in HUB385, Zagreb

E-Leadership MBA program differs from traditional MBA programs. The acquisition of knowledge and skills that digital economy requires of new business leaders, who are technological, entrepreneurial and innovation highly-aware and able to manage business transformation, are one of the benefits offered by Algebra's e-Leadership Executive MBA program.

Presentation of the program was held in Zagreb, Croatia in HUB385. The event was attended by all those who are thinking about further education, have work experience and ambition to work and develop in terms of dynamic transformations and innovations made possible by digital technology, think about building, developing and educating the appropriate management for their organization and want to enable them to connect with other such businesses and technology conscious people.

Don't forget that you still have time to consider filling in the application form and winning the full executive MBA scholarship. The deadline is October 8, 2016, and all further information you can find on the Algebra MBA scholarships page.

Photo gallery from the HUB385 e-Leadership MBA program presentation: