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The e-Skills Manifesto

European Schoolnet and DIGITALEUROPE launched the fifth and final edition of the e-Skills Manifesto as final part of the eSkills for Jobs 2016 campaign.

Europe urgently needs to build an eSkilled workforce

Around the world, the contours of new businesses, industrial models and a new digital economy are becoming clearer. For this reason, Europe is at a critical juncture, faced as it is with a growing digital capability gap between the demands for digital transformation on the one hand, and the skills, know-how, and capability of the workforce on the other.

To harness the potential of the digital revolution and to keep pace with global competition, Europe urgently needs to build an eSkilled workforce. Working together, industry, education, and government have the power to ensure a long-term action and success that will deliver jobs, competitiveness and growth.

The new, final e-Skills Manifesto edition

Now in e-Skills Manifesto's final edition, there are 13 chapters including a special introduction by Xavier Niel, Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of 42 School, the innovative and tuition-free computer programming school, and contributions from 22 leading figures in government, education, policy, research and industry.

The Manifesto embarks from reflections and lessons from the eSkills for Jobs campaign and continues into exploring the need for T-shaped skill sets and digital skills in the United States.

Moving on, chapters 6-8, 10 and 13 are devoted to the landscape of Europe and more specifically to digital transformation, eLeadership, inclusion in the labour market, and cybersecurity. Chapters 4-5 reflect on the new geography of talents and ICT workforce and professionalism while 11-12 are devoted to education and STEM careers.

While new, the latest Manifesto complements the ones that precede it.


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