Image for eLeaders as the effective anticipators of upcoming shocks – EXEL Conference

eLeaders as the effective anticipators of upcoming shocks – EXEL Conference

Science exists to enlighten people’s minds[1].

Nothing Is Quite So Practical as a Good Theory[2].


Many recent and important global topics are currently under a veil of darkness and need a broader scientific approach to better understand the processes in motion. Residuals of the latest financial crisis are still present in some countries and in the past few years there has been a rise in new political events that have affected large sets of countries. Brexit, conflicts in the Middle East, waves of refugees and outbreaks of terrorism have raised uncertainty in nations’ economies on an unprecedented level. Trade flows, labor and capital mobility across countries, shifts in the labor market, and economic growth in general have all paid the price from these events.

eLeaders have to be aware what future problems can arise from the current situation or what are the optimal policies to remedy these problems. The urgent task facing eLeaders is to transform themselves into effective anticipators of upcoming shocks. They need to develop ideas, skills and innovative capabilities at a new and higher level than before. The new development agenda should carry forward the spirit of active response to changes, seeking an answer to questions what should, and can be done to promote sustainable economic growth.

To be a successful eLeader, you must first understand yourself, be able to work in team (able to influence regardless of status or position). Self-evaluation and refinement of your leadership style continues throughout eLeader life delivering real impact to companies in the industry of its choice.

The digital age has created the need for a new paradigm in business skills formation and for learning that of learning to learn. In order to integrate management and technology, learning to learn also implies learning to unlearn past managerial theories and practices that are no longer appropriate and may even be destructive to organizations. Many of these practices, evolving from business principles created in the eighties and earlier, are still the subject of most management schools and researches.

Economics in a changing world requires assessment and analysis through many different angles and using many different approaches. Exchange of experience and connection with world's best experts is bringing external recognition and benchmarking, so needed especially in traditional society groups. Science was always in front of change, bringing knowledge to those who are willing to accept it.

By partnering Experimental Economic Lab (EXEL) Conference „Agenda 2030: Economics in a changing world“ Algebra IgBS once again proved readiness to be motivator of change while by participating of professors international recognition is once again proved in best way. By 7th of August, you have a chance to win the free ticket for the Exel Conference in Umag, Croatia that will take place on August 27-28, 2017. Play and win here.

[1] Adam Smith, economist

[2] Kurt Lewin, psychologist