The MBA eLeadership program which University College Algebra is starting in cooperation with the IgBS this fall in a completely new format, integrating business and technology knowledge, was presented to the business community and the European Commission representatives in Brussels last week.

The great emphasis the European Commission and the European Union itself put on the need for future personnel who will lead the transformation of the European economy into the digital economy makes Brussels the natural location for the presentation of one of the first eLeadership programs of this kind in the world.

The eLeadership MBA program was announced at the workshop as an example of excellent practice in the education and building of eLeaders, professionals who will be ready to lead but also to initiate business in the environment of the digital transformation of the traditional businesses. That’s why the representatives of the EC’s GROW Directorate-General were present at the workshop because the EU estimates that about 200,000 professionals of this profile will be required by 2020.

Around forty representatives from business, higher schooling and academic institutions as well as from several national governments participated in the workshop and discussed further guidelines for the development of education in this area and the way to best answer the challenges before all the countries in the European Union as well as before the European economy as a whole during the process of digital transformation of the economy and the creation of the single digital market.

University College Algebra’s and the IgBS’s eLeadership MBA program was praised at this workshop as “an excellent example of the education of the future executive personnel as well as a proper example of how to connect academic knowledge with the needs of the real sector and economy.”

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Koordinator MBA e-Leadership poslovnog područja
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