Employer Partner and Algebra MBA Business School have prepared another key topic for the upcoming HR Breakfast Club gathering, entitled “Odyssey of Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity: Meeting the Demands of the Labor Market Today… and Tomorrow”

Given the ever-intensifying demands of the market for a strategic approach to equality and inclusive work environments, “Odyssey of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion” suggests that seeking equal opportunities between genders and creating synergy of different cultures within organizations is not only an obligation, but also a great expedition that symbolizes challenges, discoveries and victories in the field of human resource management on the way to DEI.

More and more international headquarters bring new topics related to equality, diversity and inclusiveness, as well as new regulations that will soon come to Croatia. At the local level, we are facing questions related to the implementation of the new DEI standards and how to adapt to these new regulations. Therefore, at this HR Breakfast Club, we will learn key information and guidelines about current and future challenges and how to strategically deal with those that will soon affect our region.

As part of the keynote lecture, we will explore the real value of diversity in various environments, including the business environment.

We will start from ourselves – how can we define and valorize our diversity, that is, our uniqueness, and truly be truly “ourselves” in everything we do. On the other hand, we will answer the question of how HR can and should develop DE&I as one of the focus areas of the HR strategy, and we will clarify the influence of the environment in which we live (legislation, national culture, public policies) on the meaningfulness and success of the so-called best practices initiative.

The keynote speaker of this inspiring and open discussion will be Vera Čubranić Bocak , founder and director of the company Upskill Lab, which deals with business consulting services, primarily as interim HR in the creation and implementation of the People & Culture strategy, mentoring and coaching of young future HR Managers, and management of the reorganization process. and restructuring.

Vera has many years of experience as HR director and member of leadership teams at British American Tobacco, where she worked on End Market, Cluster and Area rolls in several European markets. During her long international career, she had the opportunity to manage the development and improvement of the People & Culture process, as well as actively participate in M&A, integration, restructuring and start-up operations when launching new business models.

Within the program, we are expecting another keynote lecture entitled Experiencing fairness and equality in the organizational context: between regulations, humanism and the market. We will be guided through this dynamic topic by Damir Ljubotina , full professor at the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb and head of the Center for Applied Psychology.

The main areas of his scientific research work are methodology. psychometrics and theory of tests, psychodiagnostics and the field of stress, experience of control and perception of social injustice. He is the author of more than 30 different psychological measuring instruments in the fields of knowledge, general education, cognitive abilities and personality. He published more than 50 scientific papers and 15 professional articles,  and is the author or co-author of 7 books. He participated in more than 60 scientific and professional meetings, a large number of domestic and international scientific research projects and applied projects of psychosocial assistance.

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