Our educational experience, a large number of excellent lecturers and collaborators, and top-notch technological and organizational infrastructure enable us to maximize the adaptability of the content, format, dynamics and method of performance to the expected program outcomes.

The Algebra MBA team actively leads the entire process of preparation, design, implementation and analysis of program results. This may include conducting preliminary assessments of organizational needs or profiling and selecting candidates, in line with business challenges and expected new competencies. Our team will work together with you to create a program directly related to the needs of transformation, improvement or determination of business competencies of individuals, teams or segments, and in accordance with the development goals of your organization. That process might look like this:

With all this in mind, we can realize the program in virtual, hybrid or workshop formats. The program content is similar in all these formats, but it is methodologically and didactically adapted to the selected method of execution. We also take into account the ideal balance of group and interactive learning, as well as individual and mentoring work.

As a rule, a tailor-made program can contain different methods and use more complementary teaching methodologies, such as:

  • Learning based on selected business cases (case study)
  • Collaborative learning
  • Experiential learning, using frameworks
  • Thematic and expert panel discussions
  • Interactive and multimedia lectures
  • Teamwork to solve problems from organizational practice
  • Team development of projects and prototypes






Erste Group Bank AG

Fit 4 education for administration and top management


Leadership for Digital program for 100+ members of top, middle and lower management

Croatian Post Bank

A window into the digital economy for the leaders of an innovative bank


Product Management and Analytical Academy. The art of leading through change and Strategic Thinking - workshops for managers and executives

Jadran Galensky Laboratory

Design Thinking and Leadership training for managers

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Director of the Algebra MBA Business School

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Head of the e-Leadership MBA study
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Coordinator of the e-Leadership MBA business area
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