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Sorić Vedran

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Sorbel Group (Magneti Marelli)


Sales Mindset, Sales and Sales Management, Business Development, Entrepreneurship


Vedran is in the business of sales professionals’ development. No company is without sales challenges and even the most high-performing sales teams face obstacles to improve productivity, streamline processes and increase sales. Whether they are looking to improve skills and performance, learn the latest strategies and techniques or discover innovative technologies to transform sales digitally.

His career is linked strongly with his biggest passion – the world of Automotive, IT and AI. Since the start, he has gone through all the positions in sales – from being Sales Representative, Key Account Manager, and Sales Manager, Business Development Manager, Sales Director and to finally becoming CEO and Board Member.

Over the years, he has experienced many challenging sales situations around the World, learning to understand and accept different cultures, opinions and ways of thinking. Throughout intensive travels, he has developed an excellent network of business partners ready to pick up phone and engage in future opportunities.

Vedran has helped many salespersons, sales managers and sales leaders to rethink the way they communicate, negotiate and live in the world of sales. In his philosophy, sales is, and always will be, the hart and soul, and bloodstream of any business.


Magneti Marelli, Atlas Copco, Chicago Pneumatic, Ericson Nikola Tesla, Unicredit Group, TIS Group, Neuroth, Lidl, Auto Zubak, Kodeks, PlanRadar