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Data Science in Employee Experience

You are HR professional? Explore the latest challenges and solutions related to the employee experience at HR MeetUp “How data science can magnify employee experience?” held by AlgebraLAB research center and e-Leadership MBA faculty at Algebra University College, Zagreb. Come and hear how brands such as Estée Lauder, Mercedes-Benz, The Ritz-Carlton... develop strong leaders and teams.

HR MeetUp will gather professionals in the field of leadership, human resources, data science and gamification. Among them is dr.  Scott Whiteford, director of Leadership Development & Analytics at Talent Plus.

Talent Plus, Inc. has worked with world-class brands across the globe—Estée Lauder Companies, United Overseas Bank, Delta Air Lines, Mercedes-Benz, UCLA Health, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, KFC...

Dr. Scott Whiteford studies leadership through understanding the person’s strengths, the social structure, and social forces. Through his research on solutions and surveys he aims to help companies develop and retain strong leaders and their teams. He has passion for understanding successful leadership and how it impacts organizations and expertise in leadership development.

At HR MeetUp he will give presentation about Sociology of Leadership - announcing it in his own words: "Leadership is essential to the success of groups, organizations and companies. The sociological perspective of leadership incorporates aspects of business, psychology, economics and historical studies. While most disciplines focus primarily on the leader, their talents, knowledge and behavior, it is crucial to the study of leadership (from a sociological perspective) to understand how leaders thrive in groups, organizations, society and throughout history. This session will focus on what sociology has to contribute, and how this is relevant, when discussing topics such as stratification, race, gender, education and government, in order to focus on the intersection of individual leadership talents, group dynamics, social structures, as well as time and place. This class is important for future leaders, in addition to those simply interested in a career in business, sociology, psychology, economics and/or history as it will provide a holistic understanding of leadership."

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