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Leadership for Digital Transformation @ Mreža Smart Day Zagreb

Business is looking for e-leaders, the new breed of entrepreneurial and innovative leaders who are both business and technology savvy and prepared to carry on demanding jobs of business transformation in the era of disruptive changes in the digital economy. Both global and local thoughtful insights on the topic have been exchanged by the group of distinguished business professionals and shared with numerous attendees of the Mreža Smart Day round table in Zagreb.

A round table ‘Leadership for Digital Transformation’ was held on October 4, 2016, as a Mreža Smart Day event co-hosted by BUG magazine and Algebra. Moderators were Aron Paulić, director of BUG Magazine, and Goran Radman, Vice Dean of Algebra University College and Head of the IgBS e-Leadership MBA Program. The Mueller conference room in the Europa Cinema Zagreb has been packed with a hundred of proficient individuals interested in or already engaged with dynamic transformation of their businesses. The most frequent question on their minds was, who is going to carry on these demanding transformation jobs in their organizations?


Introduction presentations were brought by Ivan Maglić (Calisto/Gartner Adriatic), who spoke about global trends in digital business transformation, and Mladen Pejković (Atlantic Group), about digital transformation agenda and scenarios being implemented by Atlantic Group in the local and international markets. In the succeeding panel discussion, they’ve exchanged views and experiences with Katarina Šiber Makar (IN2 Group), Zoran Šimunić (PBZ Group) and Sven Marušić (InfoCumulus/Span Group). In a lively discussion between the panelists and audience many different business issues in regard the digital transformation have been tackled. Do we understand the differences between transformation of business processes and those driven by customers and their experience? How do we differentiate business customers and users in this regard? Do we understand that the more we transform our business digitally the more we open our ‘interior’ to the customers? Very often internal push for digital transformation is not coming from IT but from marketing and sales. Business strategy and digital transformation strategy should be taken as one corporate strategy, and very often they are not. Digital transformation is not about availability of infrastructure, technology infrastructure is already in the cloud. Market regulation lags far behind the digital transformation agenda. If interested, here you may find more content about the panel discussion.


Photo gallery from the ‘Leadership for Digital Transformation’ round table and Mreža Smart Day: