Parent institution:

Bićanić Consulting

Area of ​​expertise:

Sales Management

About the lecturer:

Danijel Bićanić began his professional career in 1998 by working in sales and management positions in German and Croatian hotel and hospitality business. In 2003 he started a career in business training and coaching.

He worked as a sales manager and sales trainer in two training companies Management & Consulting Group (Rijeka), Poslovna Izvrsnost (Zagreb). In 2007, he founded Bićanić Consulting to offer applicable sales training and consulting to Croatian companies, based on the sales reality and specifics of the local market.

Since then, more than 140 companies (active in B2B sales, B2C sales, retail and phone sales) and over 1300 sales employees and sales managers were part of his sales improvement workshops, seminars and projects. He works as a sales consultant and coach in Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Germany and Switzerland, assisting clients in the areas like creating efficient proactive sales strategies, improving sales organization and developing quality sales-force management solutions.

Danijel is a regular business magazine columnist and guest speaker at conferences. In 2012 he became a certified facilitator for SDI, a globally recognized tool for analyzing the system of motivational values of employees, teams and organizations, used in conflict prevention and improving intra-company communication. He has also published three books on sales, sales management consulting and sales-force market. In his free time he teaches vingtsun kung fu.