Parent institution:

Kelley School of Business, Indiana University

Area of ​​expertise:

Marketing, Affect and Cognition in Consumer Decision Making

About the lecturer:

Alexander (Sasha) Fedorikhin is an Associate Professor of Marketing, Indiana University since 2005. Previously he was an Assistant Professor of Marketing at University of Southern California and Washington State University.

Fedorikhin has got BA in Translation and Interpreting (with honors) at Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages (Russia, 1984). He acquired PhD in Marketing and International Business at University of Iowa (1998) and MBA at Idaho State University (1992).

During his 20 years in university classrooms, Fedorikhin has taught global marketing to thousands of graduate and undergraduate students. A native of Kazakhstan, Fedorikhin has always had a special interest in studying the differences in consumer emotions in decision-making across cultures. “My research projects examine the intersection of the emotional and the cognitive in consumer decision making,” says Fedorikhin, who has been recognized for his work by the Center for International Business Education and Research at both Indiana University and the University of Southern California. “Marketers often underestimate emotions as a significant factor in consumer decisions. I believe and work to support the idea that emotions play a very important role in consumer purchases in every culture.”

His research articles have been studied at the leading universities across the world.  Journal of Consumer Research, the leading publication in consumer behavior selected one of his articles as the most impactful article from 1999 for inclusion in the journal’s 40-th anniversary special issue.