My name is Lada and life has so far confirmed to me that luck really follows the brave. Only a small step out of the comfort zone is sometimes needed in order to provoke happiness and go in a different direction.

That’s how my story with Algebra started, I took that “small” step and sent an application to Algebra’s scholarship competition. In parallel with the desire to enroll in an MBA, there were also doubts – am I ready at this moment, how will I spare time with work and a small child…however, the combination of ambition and curiosity prevailed.

My academic path started at the Faculty of Economics in Split, which I graduated in the “dark” year of 2009. years. By pure luck, I started building my business path in the world of IT 12 years ago. In the last 7 years, the LifeScience industry has intervened in IT, and I can say with certainty that this combination gives a new dimension to all of humanity.

My primary business role is managing people as well as business, and there has always been a desire to formalize education in that direction. But, I was accompanied by a feeling of insecurity about what an MBA can provide me and how applicable this knowledge can be in my work.

My doubts slowly disappeared during the application process. From the motivational interview, to solving the case study; everything indicated that Algebra’s MBA was not a program that would teach me facts or models, but would give wings to my experiences, provide new visions, challenges and stimulate business curiosity.

The final of the e-Leadership scholarship competition was organized as a day-long event with several elements – from a personal presentation, through a group case study with a presentation, all the way to a debate. I found myself surrounded by people with fascinating business and academic experiences, and I decided to use that day to learn, exchange ideas, but also to have a good time.

I will probably remember the moment they read my name in the e-Leadership scholarship contest winner category for the rest of my life. Although I knew until the very final that I wanted to enroll in the Algebra MBA, I never dreamed that I could be the winner. Today, I am truly proud to hold the title of Algebra Scholar!

Although I’m just at the beginning of the journey, I’m already sure that this will be one of those life journeys where I’ll gain not only experience, knowledge, but also friends and that I’ll look back on in a few years and be surprised by how much it’s changed me.

The purpose of education is not only to impart knowledge and skills. It’s to instill a love of learning. Intellectual curiosity is seeing as much beauty in ideas and data as you do in art and music.

Adam Grant

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Director of the Algebra MBA Business School

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Head of the e-Leadership MBA study
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Coordinator of the e-Leadership MBA business area
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