Higher education

It is necessary to possess at least a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent higher education diploma. It can be any undergraduate professional or university study in the field of social, natural or technical sciences that carries 180 or more ECTS points.

The transfer of students from other MBA, graduate professional or university studies will be made possible in accordance with the legal framework and the ECTS scoring system. In some cases, it may be necessary to pass distinction exams. Enrollment of older and experienced candidates who do not meet the minimum requirements of educational qualifications mentioned above is possible under special conditions. Inquire about this or any other opportunity with the Algebra MBA team.

Relevant work experience

It is necessary to have 5 years of appropriate and relevant work experience after completing studies related to management.

Your experience should be documented in detail in the application; along with a description of responsibilities, skills, achievements, leadership abilities and existing business skills.

We recommend attaching one letter of recommendation in order to gain a more complete insight into your professional abilities. The recommendation should be written by a person who is currently or recently was your direct superior, and who knows your business performance, approach to work and business ethics.

English language

All lectures on the e-Leadership MBA course, teaching literature, authorized documentation and interaction between lecturer and student, including writing a business plan and final thesis are in English – the official language of the entire MBA program.

It is extremely important to be able to prove and demonstrate that you understand and use the English language very well in speech and writing (minimum B level). You will demonstrate your knowledge of the English language during the entrance interview.

Official proof of language skills is not required, but if you have any official proof of English language skills, including proof of English as a foreign language, such as IELTS, TOEFL or another equivalent source, be sure to attach it to your application.

Expression of interest

In your cover letter, you are expected to express and demonstrate an above-average level of motivation to attend this MBA program. It also means demonstrating the ability to balance a demanding educational program with your current professional commitments, as well as the ability to actively participate in the program. The e-Leadership MBA study fosters a culture of collaboration because we know that successful leaders must also be ethical and empathetic leaders of the society and organizations within which they operate. Your community involvement and business journey should clearly reflect that you understand both sides – both what it takes to lead well, but also how to collaborate with others.

The price of studies

The price of the study is €20,000.00

For more information on payment options, promotions, scholarships and corporate discounts, contact the MBA team.

The two-year tuition fee includes 120 ECTS credits.

  1. The price of tuition for enrollment in the second year is regulated in the same way as the price of tuition for enrollment in the first year, specified in subsection 1. points D) Decisions.
  2. Courses that students repeat or enroll in additionally are added to the basic price of the annual tuition. The price of the course is calculated according to the formula: Number of ECTS points of the course X Price of 1 ECTS point in the selected payment model = Price of the course.
  3. Tuition fees do not include VAT . Exempted from value added tax based on Art. 39 paragraph 1. of the VAT Act.
  4. Students from the countries of the European Economic Area (EEA) are equal in terms of student rights and obligations to students from the Republic of Croatia.

Note: All students or payees are required to bring a blank promissory note certified by a notary public for an amount up to EUR 7,000.00. The promissory note serves as a means of ensuring payment and can be used during the entire duration of the studies, and is returned to the payer upon completion of the studies, i.e. at the time of payment of the entire tuition fee.

Payment can be made exclusively to the account of the College of Algebra, in euros.

When paying, you must enter:

  • Recipient/account name: College of Algebra
  • OIB: 14575159920
  • Name of the bank: Zagrebačka banka, dd Zagreb
  • Address of the bank: Trg bana Josipa Jelačića 10, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia
  • Account number/recipient’s transaction account: HR7523600001102036972
  • SWIFT address (BIC code): ZABAHR2X
  • IBAN: HR7523600001102036972
  • Model: 01, reference number: stated on the proforma invoice according to which the payment is made.

The College of Algebra reserves the right to change prices depending on the costs of conducting studies.

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Director of the Algebra MBA Business School

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Head of the e-Leadership MBA study
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