MBA study

Today organizations need a new breed of managers and leaders, who will be able to accomplish increasingly dynamic and highly complex and demanding business objectives, using powerful modern technologies and innovative leadership.

Beyond the digital transformation itself, e-Leadership is all about the capacity to deal successfully with social and business disruptions in the age of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Our MBA study is designed for e-leaders – business professionals and talents who aspire to become front-runners of the corporate digital transformation or for the start-uppers in the world of digital opportunities.

Program content and structure

Creativity and Problem Solving
Start-up Business Project
Introduction to e-Leadership
Financial and Managerial Accounting
Quantitative Methods
Marketing and Sales Management
Managerial Economics
New Products Management
Operations Management
Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Project Management
Strategic Management
Digital Transformation
Information Systems in Modern Organizations
International Law, Cybersecurity and Privacy
Final Thesis
Financial Management
Business Communication and Negotiation
Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation
Managing and Leading People

* DCH (Direct Contact Hour): 1 Direct Contact Hour = 45’