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Admissions and Financial

We want to make sure our e-Leadership MBA Program is the right choice for you, and that is why the admissions requirements and criteria are selective. To be considered for admission to this Master’s professional graduate study and top-ranked executive education program, we expect you to meet the following requirements:

Higher Education

As a minimum, you are required to hold a higher educational degree equivalent to a Bachelor’s. That would be any undergraduate professional or university study program in the field of social, natural or technical sciences worth at least 180 or more ECTS credits.

Transfer of students who were enrolled in other MBA, professional or university graduate study programs will be a viable option in accordance with the legal requirements and ECTS credit system. Differential exams may apply.

Admission of mature and experienced candidates who do not meet the above minimum education requirement is an option under exceptional conditions. Please inquire about this or any other option with the Algebra MBA team.

Relevant Work Experience

You are expected to have a minimum of five years of appropriate and relevant postgraduate management-related work experience.

Your experience should be documented in your application in reasonable detail, with description of responsibilities, skills, accomplishments, leadership aptitude and existing business acumen.

We welcome one letter of recommendation to gain a more complete understanding of your professional capabilities. Preferably, the referee should be your current or recent direct superior who is familiar with your business performance, approach to work and business ethics.

English Language

All e-Leadership MBA lectures, program study literature, authorized documentation and lecturer-student interactions, including Business Plan and Master’s Thesis, are performed and delivered in English, an official language of the entire MBA Program.

Therefore, it is important that you are able to prove and demonstrate a solid and incontestable understanding and command of spoken and written English language (level B minimum). You will be expected to reveal your language proficiency during an interview.

Official evidence of language proficiency is not required, but if you possess any evaluation of teaching in English, including the test certification of English as a foreign language by IELTS, TOEFL or equivalent, you are more than welcome to submit it.

Expression of Motivation

In your Motivational Letter, you will be expected to express and demonstrate an above-average level of motivation to join this MBA Program. This includes expression of ability to balance the demanding educational workload with your current professional responsibilities and contribute actively to the program at the same time.

e-Leadership MBA encourages a culture of collaboration, recognizing that successful leaders are also ethical and empathic leaders of the society and organizations within which they operate. Your community involvement and professional career trajectory should clearly demonstrate that you understand both; what it takes to lead and how to work well with others.

We would like to know more about you! Take this admission process as an opportunity to describe and demonstrate your communication skills, leadership experience and future career aspirations. Let us know what brings you to the e-Leadership MBA and what you’ll bring to the program.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees for enrollment in the first and second year of graduate study, depending on the chosen payment model:

The basic two-year tuition fee, payment in 4 installments 20.000,00 €
Two-year tuition fee, payment in 2 or 4 cash instalments or by card, prior to the beginning of each academic year 19.000,00 €
Single (lump sum) advance payment or payment by bank loan of two-year tuition fee, prior to the beginning of academic year 17.000,00 €

The two-year tuition fee comprises 120 ECTS credits.

  • The tuition fee for enrolment in the second year of study is regulated in the same way as the fee for enrolment in the first year, under the current Call for Applications.
  • The courses, which the student retakes or takes additionally, are added to the basic yearly tuition fee. The course fee is calculated according to the formula: Number of ECTS credits X Fee of 1 ECTS credit, according to the chosen model of payment = Course fee.
  • Tuition fees are exempt from VAT, under Art. 39, Par. 1. of the VAT Act.

Notice: If the student, that is, the payer, chooses the tuition fee payment model of 2 or more instalments, he or she must bring a blank debenture certified by a notary public to the amount of 6,640,00 eura. The debenture serves as payment guarantee, it is valid for the duration of the study program, and will be returned to the payer upon completion of the study program, that is, once the total amount of tuition fees has been settled.

Payment information:
Name of recipient/account: Visoko učilište Algebra
OIB (Identification Number): 14575159920
Name of bank: Zagrebačka banka, d.d. Zagreb
Bank address: Trg bana Josipa Jelačića 10, HR-10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska
Account number/transaction account of recipient: HR7523600001102036972
SWIFT address (BIC code): ZABAHR2X
IBAN: HR7523600001102036972
Model: 01, reference number: listed on the invoice for which payment is made.

Algebra University College reserves the right to change the amount of tuition fees due to changes in the cost of offering the study program.