Rules and Regulations

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Rules and Regulations

The Algebra e-Leadership MBA Code of Ethics is an internal act of the Algebra University College and, together with its Book of Regulations on Study and Studying, is a key reference document which seeks to ensure that all participants in the Algebra e-Leadership MBA Program understand their rights and responsibilities, including the outlines of clear procedures in the event of academic misconduct.

All students sign the MBA Pledge which comprises agreement to abide by the MBA Code of Ethics. The MBA Code of Ethics covers student behavior, in the classroom and in terms of deliverables which are part of the assessment procedures for the program. Academic Misconduct may include the following: Cheating; Fabrication; Plagiarism; Interference; Violations of Course Rules; and Facilitating Academic Dishonesty. Breaches of Standards of Classroom Conduct may also be treated as Academic Misconduct.

It is the responsibility of every MBA Student to understand and abide by the MBA Code of Ethics and other Algebra University College internal acts, including Book of Regulations on Study and Studying, regulating students’ rights and responsibilities as stipulated by the Croatian Act on Science and Higher Education. This responsibility generally encompasses behaving professionally and ethically in accord with the MBA Pledge (below) as well as meeting MBA standards for appropriate academic, professional and personal behavior.

All Algebra e-Leadership MBA Students will pledge as follows: As an Algebra e-Leadership MBA Student I will act professionally with civility and respect toward others and with honor and integrity in all my work. I will not receive unauthorized aid in completing any deliverable. I have read, understand, and agree to abide by the Algebra e-Leadership MBA Code of Conduct.

If a MBA Student is uncertain about the appropriateness of his/her actions in relation to this MBA Code of Ethics, he/she is required to seek the advice of a member of the Algebra e-Leadership MBA faculty or teaching staff, the Director of the Algebra e-Leadership MBA, or the Dean of the Algebra University College.