Program duration

4 months

Acquired certificate

Mini MBA certificate

Total program hours

80 contact study hours


Algebra campus, Gradišćanska 24, Zagreb

Technologies of digital transformation of business

Mini MBA 4IR is the ideal format of business education in the time of rapid changes in which we live and work. It is also a platform for gaining a broad insight into the most important business and technological trends of the digital era, networking with lecturers – leading experts from the world of digital business and participants – and business people who are considering the digital transition of the companies or departments they lead.

Who is the program intended for?

  • Managers and executives of corporations
  • Founders and directors of micro, small and medium enterprises
  • Heads of departments who are preparing for management positions
  • Talents that are recognized as potential for management positions

Through this focused program, participants will learn in detail how to:

  • harmonize business goals and visions with the changes it brings 4. industrial revolution,
  • recognize the applicability of certain technologies in the digital transformation of the company,
  • prepare a digital transformation plan for your organization,
  • develop and direct the most valuable employees in conditions of constant change,
  • strengthen innovative and creative processes by introducing new technologies,
  • continuously monitor and evaluate the potential of digital trends in their industries.

We are the only digital business transformation program in Croatia, intended for a wide range of participants, ideal for all those who are already in managerial, ownership and leadership roles, but also for those who will progress and take on these roles.


Previous knowledge about technologies and their use is not a requirement for participation in the program. The lecturers will gradually, in accordance with the lesson plan and in interaction with the group, adjust the teaching dynamics and direct the discussion towards the application of technologies in concrete business situations.

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Zoran Djordjevic
Director of the Algebra MBA Business School

Arsen Solić
Head of the e-Leadership MBA study
098 9512 952

Ivan Bucić
Coordinator of the e-Leadership MBA business area
091 23 14 111