In today’s dynamic environment, continuous improvement and acquisition of new skills are key factors for achieving career success.

At the end of 2022 year, I decided to look for an education with which I will additionally sharpen my skills, but also learn new ones. Traditional MBA programs provide some comprehensive knowledge, but they have this challenge of organizing time and schedule, and somehow it was not feasible for me at this moment. Therefore, embarking on detailed research and consulting with colleagues, I found an intensive, yet adaptable program to my obligations – Mini MBA in Algebra.

Mini MBA Leadership 4.0 covers a wide range of topics that are relevant to modern business. I, as a student, got an insight into different areas; from human resource management, finance, marketing, all the way to strategic planning and digital business. Through interactive lectures, case studies and group projects, we went through topic after topic.

Thanks to lecturers who have extensive experience and successful projects behind them, we had the opportunity to learn how to successfully manage a project, but also how to take full advantage of a deep understanding of contemporary business challenges. Among the modules, I would single out “Neuroscience for Leadership” led by Aleksandra Veselinović, and “Personal Approach Leadership” led by Mirna Radošević. Aleksandra and Mirna showed us in a completely different way, through very interesting exercises, the other side of topics that I thought I was already very familiar with. They challenged and inspired us to apply concepts we already knew from real business situations in a new way. Through studies, simulations and real projects, we were encouraged to think critically, analyze problems and make decisions.

Throughout this process, active listening and organization were key. Most importantly, I connected with other attendees – professionals from different industries and sectors. It was very interesting to see how other participants interpret business scenarios from completely different perspectives of their companies and industries.

Finally, I must point out that this program is an extraordinary opportunity that should definitely be taken advantage of. I would invite everyone who wants to advance their career, expand their business (and not only business…) knowledge and skills to enroll in this program. Its advantages go far beyond the borders of the academic world through the selfless sharing of tools, knowledge and experiences that will certainly facilitate the achievement of your business goals.

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Zoran Djordjevic
Director of the Algebra MBA Business School

Arsen Solić
Head of the e-Leadership MBA study
098 9512 952

Ivan Bucić
Coordinator of the e-Leadership MBA business area
091 23 14 111

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