The only program

of this species in Croatia



Partial qualification

Product management specialist

Level 6

Croatian qualification framework

Product management aligned with market requirements and modern technologies

Companies today need managers who can fully manage the development of digital products, which implies interdisciplinary business, digital and leadership knowledge.

Our professional development program for product management specialists is designed precisely for the development of such and such skills, necessary for the creation of successful products.

Program participants have the opportunity to acquire and improve knowledge and skills in the field of product management; from market research and user needs, strategic assessments, business profitability and people management, all the way to designing the marketing mix and competencies required for product development and management with the application of digital technology.

Program modules

  • Product strategy
  • Analysis and research of user needs
  • Product metrics and analytics
  • Product development business case
  • Product development and delivery
  • Product marketing
  • Management of teams and stakeholders in product management
  • Product life cycle

We will announce the schedule of the professional development program for product management specialists for a fee. Until then, for all information about the program, contact the MBA team.

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