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Meet our Scholarship winners 2016

University College Algebra, with a great pleasure awarded the best of more than 200 applicants who applied for the MBA Scholarship contest. Five scholars have received over 400.000 HRK in scholarships. They won full or partial scholarships for the IgBS e-Leadership MBA program which is one of just four of this kind in Europe. 

IgBS e-Leadership MBA program scholarships award ceremony


After the selection procedure and the final evaluation and testing held on October 15, five best candidates have been chosen. We are delighted to present you our scholars: Damir Prusac, Ivan Spajić Buturac, Ana Zrno, Stjepan Vuković and Igor Cerinski.


We have asked them their impressions and expectations of this MBA program and here is what they say: 






Damir Prusac, full scholarship winner

.A program which pervades digital transformation elements through the classical MBA program concept seems like a fundamental thing in modern leadership and understanding of the modern technologies influence on the business these days, and especially in the future. When you add a dimension of a high number of international professors, my motive for applying for the scholarship wasn't doubted at all. Followed by the excellent organization, the scholarship process represented a personal challenge after all, and spawned value and experience through the new contacts network and meeting new technologies. Finally winning this scholarship is a huge incentive in my personal development. - Damir Prusac, ICT Systems Development Manager, Ericsson Nikola Tesla d.d.




Ivan Spajić Buturac

.University College Algebra's selection process was praised by the other candidates too, emphasizing the fact that the Final contest was realized in good spirits and has shown an opportunity for all the candidates of quite similar business profiles to get to know each other. This is the first time that I have experienced the elimination phase as something good, inspiring and useful. I did have a good feeling about this MBA program even before the Scholarship contest, but now I am convinced in expertise and team organization of the staff and faculty. I do have high expectations, and I believe in gaining relevant market transformation experiences already during my studies, both from the technological and human potential perspective. - Ivan Spajić Buturac, Seamless retail executive Central Europe, Nike




Ana Zrno

I have chosen Algebra's new IgBS e-Leadership MBA program because of trust I have in Algebra group, and because of the "e" in the program's name. As a matter of fact, digital transformation is already happening and it is inevitable. We need the new generations of leaders, those who feel natural in the digital environment, they were born in it, and they see the opportunities in it. I expect only the best from Algebra considering this MBA program - especially high-quality modules, best lecturers, a lot of challenges, teamwork, experience exchanges and networking. For myself, I expect to widen my horizons and knowledge, exploring new business ideas and gaining a lot of new business friends. - Ana Zrno, Head of Business Processes, TELE 2




Stjepan Vuković

This scholarship competition has actually raised my expectations of this MBA program. One of the most popular arguments for such programs is "networking" and this scholarship contest just confirmed it - the environment of fifty people with similar business thinking has proven to be highly motivating opportunity for a personal development. The combination of networking, Algebra as an institution that creates new digital trends and external partners in the teaching process create the conditions for the acquisition and application of new knowledge in the business. The rest is up to us. -  Stjepan Vuković, Business Consulting Manager, InfoCumulus



Igor Cerinski

e-Leadership MBA program is the best response to the needs that corporate culture sets. The scholarship contest without a doubt is an experience that opens many doors for the future cooperation through valuable acquaintances, presented ideas and acquired new knowledge. I sincerely hope that participating in this program will provide me the expertise gaining that will enable me to further development in my career in a clear direction of corporate professional being ready for the challenges of the digital age. This prize is really an honor and motivation for the realization of my goals and the continuation of a wonderful partnership with Algebra. -  Igor Cerinski, Senior Project Manager, Croatian Telecom Inc.



Last call for the admissions

We invite all interested individuals for this kind of MBA program to contact us as soon as possible because the enrollment deadline for the generation 2016/2017 is arriving soon, as we will start with the program in the other half of November 2016.