Image for And the winner is…Ivan Vučak

And the winner is…Ivan Vučak

This year's scholarship competition is finished. After many interested applicants, selection process cycles and big finals that took place on October 14 in Zagreb, we can finally announce who managed to show himself in the best light in front of our jury members and win the full-tuition e-Leadership MBA scholarship worth 18.000 €. Our full-scholarship winner is Ivan Vučak!

Ivan Vučak is a development team lead in 7IT, specifically in its internal startup project. We made a short interview with him at the big finals even before he found out he won the scholarship so take a look what he told us about himself and his expectations considering the competition, study program, colleagues etc.


Why have you decided to apply for this scholarship competition?


I have a technical background, with a Ph.D. in computer science. My current role, especially in our internal startup, requires of me to learn new things and to broaden my knowledge and expertise significantly, especially in the fields of marketing, economics, product placement and product design. I love to learn and that's why I applied for this scholarship!


How would you describe your current career path and what is your current job like?


As a development team lead, I am currently, let's say, in a transition from a full-time development role to a full-time developer with leadership and planning responsibilities. Studying at this MBA programme will hopefully help me to perform at my new role much better.


What is your impression about other contestants at our e-Leadership MBA scholarship finals competition?


All the candidates were quite impressive, and their careers are impressive as well. I liked that there was a mixture of different backgrounds. Coming here with a technical background, I did not know much about marketing and economics, but we had some very experienced professionals with a business background and that has really helped us with the task at the final competition.


Soon you will also find out which team was best and who earned a team scholarship that provides 50% tuition coverage.