Digital Finance

Financial business has accompanied us for several millennia. But the disruptions it has been experiencing over the last 20 or so years are drastically beginning to alter the way we use, create and understand finances.

We live in the Fintech era defined by personal computers, the internet, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies and blockchain. New Fintech products and services are appearing daily. Without a focused, high-quality insight into the Fintech world, it will no longer be possible to succeed in the business world of tomorrow.


  • Ponedjeljak, 9.5. od 17:30 do 21:30 sati
  • Utorak, 10.5. od 17:30 do 21:30 sati
  • Ponedjeljak, 16.5. od 17:30 do 21:30 sati
  • Utorak, 17.5. od 17:30 do 21:30 sati

Who Should Attend?

Primarily for business people from the banking, insurance and financial industries of all managerial levels; both for people from large, corporate organizations and those from smaller, technologically advanced companies.

What You'll Learn?

A new and perhaps even unexpected insight into an industry facing incredibly rapid advances in technology and day-to-day transformations of its basic principles. Understanding of the basics of new financial business rules and the impact of technology on all aspects of financial transactions, services and products, including:
  • 1. introduction to the digital transformation of the financial industry,
  • 2. the most prominent application areas of Fintech (virtual banks, eCommerce and Marketing Tech, digital asset exchanges...),
  • 3. how EU legislation and central banks adapt to the digitalization of the financial industry,
  • 4. Capital Market 2.0 (cryptocurrency market).