Organizational innovation culture

Seminar on the advantages and importance of systemic innovation management and the creation of the corresponding innovation culture.

All you need to know about the role of leaders in driving innovations, tools for managing the innovation culture within an organization, and how competitive innovation is. Understanding organizational culture as an ideal tool for encouraging employees to create and realize ideas using a system of rewards, motivation and idea management.

Organizational culture is an extremely important element of distinctiveness, the thing that defines and sets your company, and everything it represents, apart from the rest. Without a well-conceived, implemented and functional organizational culture, business growth is no longer possible. Talents whose creativity will bring bold, different and innovative ideas and projects are essential for the success of any company. Does your organization nurture the culture that attracts, inspires and promotes real talents, the only ones that can make you a leader in your industries?



Who Should Attend?

The seminar is definitely aimed at team members responsible for the creation and implementation of organizational culture, from managerial to expert positions, but also to anyone working in the field of human resources and developing a culture of innovation in their organizations.

What You'll Learn?

This MBA seminar helps you:
  •  1. How to manage and develop the innovation capacity of an organization,
  •  2. What type of organizational culture prevails in your organization,
  • 3. How to increase individuals’ contribution to the creation of innovation culture,
  • 4. Why is it important to develop the “GROWTH mindset” of individuals and organizations,
  •  5. What is the role and importance of motivating the individuals and the teams in innovations and business processes,
  • 6. What are the features of the “Appreciative Inquiry” model of a positive approach to organization, 
  •  7. What are “dogfooding” and other tools for managing innovation culture,
  •  8. What are technology scouting and technology radar,   
  •  9. How to use the “scenario planning” model of changing the organizational culture.