Sales Transformation

Personality, passion, and a basic set of sales skills are no longer enough. The salesperson of today must master the new sales technologies and digital tools that have become an indispensable part of the sales process and all its aspects; from creating the first sales opportunity to closing the sale, from up-selling to cross-selling.

The Sales Transformation seminar therefore offers a direct and up-to-date overview of the particularities of sales and sales processes in a digitally transformed economy, and an overview of basic sales knowhow for the challenges facing everyone in the "sales" world.


  • Subota, 27.11.2021. od 9 do 17 sati
  • Ponedjeljak, 29.11.2021. od 17:30 do 21:30 sati
  • Srijeda, 1.12.2021. od 17:30 do 21:30 sati
  • Četvrtak, 2.12.2021. od 17:30 do 21:30 sati

Who Should Attend?

For new and potential sales managers who need to become aware of or strengthen their leadership and sales skills in the context of the 4th Industrial Revolution and all the changes it brings. For everyone involved in B2C/B2B/B2G sales processes who want to improve their sales skills and knowledge, techniques and tools, in order to better understand their customers and users, as well as the goals of their companies.

What You'll Learn?

  • 1.    Sales Mindset
  • The sales mindset as the source of our ability to understand the client, hear what they are actually telling us, and respond appropriately. How does a sales personality manifest itself in a digital context? How to understand someone’s character even through digital communication? How to recognize and understand sales beliefs and values, and how to manage them in a digital environment?
  • 2.    Sales skills and tools
  • Sales skills are learned and anyone who wants to try their hand at sales should be familiar with them. Mastering the sales skills will emphasize the positive and mitigate the negative aspects of our personality, but they alone are not enough to succeed in sales. Learn how to use them appropriately in the complex sales conditions brought on by new technologies.
  • 3.    Sales lifestyle
  • Knowing and working with new and potential customers and users have to be an ongoing activity for you, a part of your life or simply – your sales lifestyle! We will address the procedures and methods that real salespeople adopt as part of their daily routine, something that defines them and they identify with.
  • 4.    Digital and technology-assisted sales
  • In its essence, digital sales involve the use of various digital channels to find, connect and communicate with potential customers. The goal of all these activities is to build relationships on digital platforms and turn online connections into sales opportunities offline as well.On the other hand, new technologies, of course, allow us to also complete distance sales. We will get into the features and peculiarities of remote sales that stem from the fact that they take place even though the seller and the buyer are never in the same place during the sales process.
  • 5.    Sales agility
  • Sales agility is a concept we need to keep in mind time and again, especially in a digital environment. Sales agility teaches us how to adapt our sales approach to the expectations and needs of our customers. The goal of sales agility is simply – “…being able to adapt your sales process to every buying process…”.