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Student Talks

Some of you are just starting with your projects; others are pitching to investors, and some are already collecting prizes for their brilliant solutions. Wherever you are with your project, little help from your MBA friends always comes handy.

Join us for the Student Talk gathering of e-Leadership MBA students and Alumni on Thursday, March 29th at Algebra University College campus. Share lessons learned, invest time, money or advice in MBA projects and grow your network.

Here’s the plan: 3 teams will present their project in 20 minutes. Q&A section includes drinks & snacks.

WePark - mobile app for parking search

No parking. Again. The lecture starts in 5 minutes, and my car circling the block for the third time is starting to look suspicious to the local guard. You check your mobile, googling in vain 'where to park when there are simply no free spaces'. You give up and drive to a relatively safe illegal parking spot less than 10 minutes by foot from the desired location.

Everything would be so much simpler if you could neatly prepare, research where to park, book a spot and arrive at the location stress-free – without being late and circling around with your nerves on edge.

WePark has developed an app that helps drivers locate available parking in seconds and pay via smart phone.

The platform also helps parking space owners to rent out their parking space while they are not using it.

IgBS Alumni
TalentLyft - Tool for sourcing high-quality job candidates

You probably felt the hiring headache if you ever hired a person. If not, then you will get one sooner or later. Is it communication, lack of quality candidates, too much CVs or maybe just that never ending process?

Well worry no more, your teammate TalentLyft is here to help you and no matter what kind of hiring challenge you are up against, you are not alone anymore!

TalentLyft Source is a powerful candidate sourcing and recruitment marketing solution that makes search for passive candidates easier and more productive.

Smart Traffic light – always green

American commuters spent more than 8 billion housing traffic. There is very limited intelligence to the current management of urban roads. Traffic lights are sequenced but rarely reactive to the levels of traffic around them. Traffic monitoring is still done manually.

There is no smart option to delivering a real time traffic situation to drivers. Traffic light scan do much more than manage traffic flow.

They can be the starting point for acquiring massive amounts of data, and we see them as platform for DOOH.

Feel free to bring friends, colleagues, investors. But let us know you are coming.

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