Image for Tanja Džido wins the Algebra University College MBA Contest for Young Professionals

Tanja Džido wins the Algebra University College MBA Contest for Young Professionals

More than a hundred candidates younger than 30 entered the Algebra University College's MBA program case study contest in March, wanting to upgrade their knowledge with an e-leadership MBA program, tightly connected to the use of digital technologies in business and to the digital transformation. In the tough competition and after a number of excellent solutions to the given task, Tanja Džido, a young digital communication expert, and a fresh entrepreneur was declared as the winner of the contest, winning the scholarship worth 18 thousand Euros.

Tanja Džido, a new entrepreneur in the area of digital technologies and marketing, won the case study contest organized as a part of the Algebra University College - IgBS MBA studies in order to make it possible for young professionals to enroll and finish studies with the focus on business leadership in the digital era.

E-Leadership MBA program at the Algebra University College creates an opportunity for young professionals of this profile to improve themselves during the two years of practical courses conducted mostly by American professors from The Indiana University Kelley School of Business. A part of the atmosphere waiting for them at the studies as well as the challenges they would learn to solve, the candidates could experience during this business case contest.

"By our task, we stimulated the imagination of the young innovators because there almost weren't two similar business ideas in the contest. Although every single one of the shortlisted candidates believed in their success, they came to present their business ideas and win the full MBA scholarship with them. We were surprised how the competitors, who first saw each other at the contest, became colleagues and partners in just half an hour, ready to offer each other sincere feedback and advice on how to improve and develop a business idea. The candidates were grading each other's business ideas, and the one that received the largest number of votes from the jury and other contestants was the one by Tanja Džido. And besides decreasing the difficulty for ourselves at least partly, we also used the system to demonstrate the transparency and objectivity of grading", said Ivana Conjar, the Head of IgBS MBA Operations and Admissions at the Algebra University College, congratulating Tanja Džido on winning the full scholarship for the MBA studies, worth 18 thousand Euros.

"Since I had learned about Algebra's IgBS MBA program last year, I was quite interested in it because it looked quite practical and focused on the future of business. At the moment, I'm in the middle of starting my own agency and digital platform for motivation, inspiration and the support of the entrepreneurship of young people named Shhhefica. As I have been working in communications for a great number of years, I enjoy the creative side of the project. The part that represents the largest challenge for me is the business-management one because, when you're an entrepreneur, you have to be your own lawyer and accountant and everything else that your business needs," said Tanja Džido about her current business.

"I think it's exactly this program that will supply me with knowledge and experience I lack to make my projects not only interesting communication-wise but also financially sustainable and adapted to future needs. I'm looking forward to networking, too, meeting the lecturers and new colleagues as well as, most of all, working together on projects that will help us to be successful entrepreneurs and market innovators tomorrow," said Tanja, the winner of the case study contest.

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