I became interested in MBA studies as a student and the whole concept really attracted me and it was on my wish list for years. I graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, got a job, and after several years of work experience, I started asking about MBA studies.

I researched in great detail all available MBA studies in Croatia and beyond. In addition, several people close to me and friends have already studied at different programs in Algebra and they all had only words of praise for the professors, the teaching performance and the approach to the students. Those positive comments attracted me, as well as the numerous accreditations that the e-Leadership MBA study has. However, I can freely say that my decision to study was actually “sealed” by my attendance at the free lecture Digital Garage, which is held several times a year at Algebra. That was somehow a turning point, because then I realized that there are other ways of learning, completely different from the ones I knew before.

Algebra’s MBA study is really not the classic way of schooling that we are all taught. Memorizing as much information as possible is not the goal of this study. e-Leadership MBA teaches us how to think, how to approach the many challenges we face every day in business, but also in our private lives. It is important to overcome these challenges as efficiently as possible and to learn something new from them every time. This approach, this inspiring environment, for me, is the hallmark of Algebra’s MBA study. Colleagues certainly make a great MBA atmosphere. We are talking about very successful individuals who selflessly cooperate, encourage each other to grow and develop and share their knowledge. Because of all that, this is not just a study but a special experience that forms you into a new person and that I will surely remember forever.

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Zoran Djordjevic
Director of the Algebra MBA Business School

Arsen Solić
Head of the e-Leadership MBA study
098 9512 952

Ivan Bucić
Coordinator of the e-Leadership MBA business area
091 23 14 111

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