Image for University College Algebra and IgBS announced 400.000 kn Scholarship fund for the MBA studies

University College Algebra and IgBS announced 400.000 kn Scholarship fund for the MBA studies


University college Algebra and IgBS announced 400.000 kn scholarship fund for the MBA studies


University College Algebra and International Graduate Business School (IgBS) organized a gathering of their alumni community on which occasion there had been presented the new e-Leadership MBA as the continuation of the well-known and established American MBA study program. Besides presenting American and Croatian professors that will give lectures within this MBA, Algebra and IgBS have announced the beginning of the Scholarship contest which goal is to provide equal opportunities to all the quality individuals from different economy sectors in order to make them develop business leadership skills in the digital economy environment.
International Graduate Business School (IgBS Zagreb) will continue its existence as a part of the University College Algebra. New MBA program e-Leadership will be the executive MBA program and it starts this autumn. Applications are opened, and the Scholarship contest officially started.

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Most of the lectures of this program will be performed by the professors from the University of Indiana, Kelley Kelley School of Business, one of the top 5 business schools in America according to business magazine Bloomberg. Specific topics are reserved for the Croatian and European professors.
One of the first steps towards integration of the previous and the new program is the active gathering and interaction of the IgBS alumni members with the alumni members of the University College Algebra. On June 15, the first gathering of that kind took place at the University College Algebra in Zagreb. That event was the great opportunity for presenting the new program, professors, and lecturers. This MBA program gives the opportunity to gain 120 ECTS credits for the students with the university degree and the title Master of Business Administration (eLeadership MBA). Financially it is attractive for the corporations because it is excluded from the VAT taxation.

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The value of the Scholarship fund is 400.000 kn with the chance to win the full covered e-Leadership MBA Scholarship.
During two years of studies, MBA students will pass 18 modules. Two-thirds of them are from the business leadership domain (core MBA), and one-third from the digital economy and leadership domain. Some of the courses are Information system leadership in the modern organizations, Strategic leadership in the area of technology and innovations, Risk management and IT security, IT services Management and the new products development…
In the EU at the moment, there are 56 study programs that fulfill the digital leaders education criteria. Those programs include strategic leadership, digital technologies understanding, and understanding of doing business. Just 3 of them are the Master study programs for managers and just 4 MBA programs.
More information about the new Mba programs can be found on

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