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For the last few years, I have been looking for courses that will expand my knowledge and further acquaint me with the technologies that dominate the IT and business world today. Of course, it is possible to put in extra effort and independently research and educate yourself, but with age, free time is less and less. And yet it is much different when certain knowledge is brought to you by experts who have significant experience in the field they teach. The “big” MBA is certainly a great option, but the Mini MBA is still more acceptable to me at the moment – primarily because the organization of free time is less challenging there.

I was pleasantly surprised by the new Algebra campus! And the amount of young people eager for knowledge, especially those from abroad. Our program started in the third month of 2023, with a very exciting lecture by Ivan Maglić on 4. industrial revolution. I was lucky enough to be in a group with super interesting colleagues from different industries that I probably wouldn’t have had the chance to meet otherwise. This Mini MBA program certainly enriched my networking experiences and gave me the opportunity to occasionally step away from the “daily operations”.

Nine modules followed, and each one was excellent for some reason, and the most interesting for me were:

Advanced and predictive analytics

  • Mirko Talajić led this module brilliantly and fluently, along with practical exercises with cloud tools used on the market.

Digital transformation of business

  • Sovereignly led lecture by Senad Kulenović, full of examples and his experiences related to consulting local and foreign companies in the process of digital transformation.

The organization of the lectures was great, and it is possible to follow them online. However, I would definitely recommend coming to the classroom for the full effect and experience.

For the lecturers, which is understandable, 8 hours per module is sometimes not enough to share all their knowledge and experience, so the lectures were very dynamic. Nevertheless, the lecturers were always ready to answer questions and discuss them with us during the breaks.

All we have left now is to put all the acquired knowledge into practice. I am sure that such a versatile program can inspire participants to improve business processes in the companies they work for. Or encourage them to redirect their business career, in case they are considering a change.

Business and business processes seem even more dynamic and challenging to me now, after listening to the Mini MBA 4IR! However, it is certain that educational programs like this help us to cope even better in everyday business life. And that’s why – well done, Algebra!

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Zoran Djordjevic
Director of the Algebra MBA Business School

Arsen Solić
Head of the e-Leadership MBA study
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Ivan Bucić
Coordinator of the e-Leadership MBA business area
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