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Kaluđer Igor

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Algebra University College, Sunoptos


Decision Support Systems, Data Analysis, Quantitative Modelling


Igor Kaluđer is a regular lecturer of quantitative methods at Algebra University College and founder of Sunoptos consultancy.

He graduated from University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics and got a master’s degree from University of Bologna, Italy. Currently, he is a PhD candidate at University of Zagreb, Faculty of organization and informatics.

He spent several years in banking, working on quantitative analysis and modelling of credit risk and was a director of credit risk modelling at Zagrebačka Banka. So far, he co-authored three chapters in “Competitive Analysis” book, several scientific papers at international conferences and more than twenty professional publications. He teaches courses in quantitative analysis and modelling, risk analysis, decision support systems and information technology at several high-end institutions.

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