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Algebra University College


Critical Thinking and Creativity


Darija Korkut is an analytics expert at the Croatian Ministry of the Interior. At the Algebra University College, she teaches courses covering the area of analytical techniques and methods (creativity, critical thinking, structured analytical techniques, business analysis, game theory) and behavioral economics.

Darija Korkut graduated from English Department of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, where she earned a MA in English Studies. Darija Korkut has published six books and a dozen professional and scientific papers on analytical methods and techniques and their applications, especially in the business environment. She is also the editor of the book: “Kopal R.: Economic analysis of international terrorism”, in which she is the author of the chapter “The application of SNA in combating international terrorism.”

She has previously worked at the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, focused primarily on analytics and the information service, but also has hands-on experience from the diplomatic service in Ireland. She has participated in several national and international courses and seminars in the field of international relations and diplomacy, and a lot of analytical courses and workshops (NATO, US EUCOM), in many of them as a lecturer. She possesses international certificates in the field of structured analytical techniques and critical thinking.

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