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Leadership Development, Effective Communication, Business Presentation, Public Speaking, Organisational Development, Team Effectiveness


Ana works as a Leadership & Communication consultant, trainer, coach, and lecturer. She is the author of Conversational Agility methodology. Furthermore, Ana is an internationally certified (CIPR and HUOJ) communication educator, certified Conversational Intelligence Coach, certified Situational Leadership II trainer, and certified SDI facilitator. She holds MA in Sociology and English language and literature. She also holds the title of MCIPR (Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations), which she obtained by completing the CIPR Diploma in London, UK. Ana is an entrepreneur and runs her consultancy firm. She is also one of the first Croatian online education creators for public speaking and business presentations.

Her work includes giving talks and running workshops, training and coaching sessions from leadership, business communication, public speaking, media appearance, Public Relations, customer service, and communication in sales. Up to now, she has independently held hundreds of workshops, training and coaching sessions, talks, and individual consultations for CEOs, top and middle management of the companies such as Lactalis, British American Tobacco, Heineken, Siemens Energy, Styria, Lidl, Hrvatski Telekom, Coca-Cola Hellenic, Bosch, Atlantic Grupa, Novo Nordisk, Oktal Pharma, Abbott, Jansen AG, Fiedler & Lundgren AB, Croatian National Tourist Board, International Republican Institute, Adidas, Red Bull, Rockwool, Imago, Neos, Infinum, and for various other companies in English and Croatian language, as well as for Croatian Government, and other prime ministers and ministries in Croatia and abroad.

Ana regularly writes her column Vis-a-Vis for business magazines, and she is present in media as a communication expert analysing the performances of public figures and current events. She is also a keynote speaker at many conferences in the region and abroad, such as Tokyo FINSUM, PRilika, Executive Sales Adria Summit, Advanced Leadership in Politics (ALPI) conference, KOMferencija, etc. She is a pitching coach at numerous regional start-up’ events and for start-up teams.

Besides enjoying helping businesspeople strengthen their leadership and communication competencies, Ana enjoys very much hiking and traveling.

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British American Tobacco, Lactalis, Heineken, Styria, Lidl, Hrvatski Telekom, Siemens Energy, Novo Nordisk, Abbott, Neos, Infinum

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