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Vlačić Ernest

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Algebra University College, Novamina CIT


Innovation and Strategic Management, Industrial Research and Development, ICT/Control Engineering


Ernest Vlačić is director of NOVAMINA CIT.

During his research and academic career he was focused on organizational Strategic and Innovation Management and Innovation and Industrial Policies, the areas of his PhD earned at Faculty of Economy and Business, University of Zagreb. He holds an MBA from Henley Business School. On a regular basis, he participates as invited lecturer on numerous scientific and professional conferences and acts as professor on domestic and foreign higher education institutions, including the responsibilities of conducting managerial functions on higher education institutions.

His career started as a developing IT / HW engineer in PRVOMAJSKA corporation, after which he worked as a development engineer, corporative manager and branch director in DANIELI SpA, with whom he latter on founded and led the technology spinout DANIELI SYSTEC.

Ernest’s career continued in the role of Commercial Financial Director and Change Manager on National Scientific Science and Technology Project at the polytechnic Brodarski Institute, with whom he initiates a joint research and development organization NOVAMINA Centre of Innovative Technologies.

With NOVAMINA he is leading the practical implementation of a larger number of technological development research projects, which are amongst others financed through successful application on EU and national funding instruments, such as FP7, Horizon2020, Razum BICRO and IRI.

Concurrently, besides acting as an organizational manager and leader, he also as certified project manager guides and directs a number of complex projects and their portfolios in both, the technological development research innovation and complex international multidisciplinary industrial projects.


Novamina, Brodarski institut, Volvo, Gaz de France, Danieli s.p.a., Valamar, Tesco UK