MBA Program Calendar and Timetable for every forthcoming academic year will be planned per annum and published early in advance to the start of the Program.

Our e-Leadership MBA Program starts off in November every calendar year for the new generation of MBA students.

Here is the Calendar and Timetable for the current MBA 5 Group:

Here is the Calendar and Timetable for the current MBA 4 Group:

Algebra MBA management will use its best effort to adhere to the Plan and deliver the Program according the published Calendar and Timetable. In a case of force majeure, unintended swap of module content or eventual module cancellation, we will work with the students to find the best possible alternative delivery solution.

e-Leadership MBA in online mode

Take a peek at online version of one of our MBA modules. For the time being, we go in this format and hope you’ll enjoy it all the same. It’s simple, full of interactions and easy to use!

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