Matična institucija:

Mazars Digital

Područje stručnosti:

Business Consulting, Management Consulting, Industrial Design, IT Consulting, Enterprise Content Management, Leadership Development, Technical Support

O predavaču:

Drago Cmuk is a partner for digital consulting at Mazars, founder and director of Mazars Digital. An expert in digital strategies, management consulting and changes in organizational culture through digital transformation, he is helping companies to strategically transform and create a competitive advantage by leveraging leading digital platforms and technologies. So far, he has cooperated with companies such as Rimac, Končar, Shell, AD Plastik and others. Started his career at University of Zagreb, followed by managing R&D platforms for the Internet of Things (IoT), the production of devices and applications, and the further development of IoT businesses. Led the implementation of software and hardware solutions in the field of IoT, and implemented several of the largest projects in the region in that domain. Through number of projects in the public and industrial sectors, he helped the successful technological transformation of different large organizations. As the business director of CADCAM Group, he additionally focused on innovation and digital transformation of the leading manufacturing companies in the region. Continuously, with a team of experts, he advises and guides dozens of leading regional companies on their digital journey.

Drago Cmuk received his doctorate in the field of Electronics and ICT at UniSannio in Italy and at FER in Zagreb, and completed an Executive MBA. He is an assistant professor at Algebra University, where he teaches digital transformation and disruptive business models, and also teaches as a guest lecturer at several business and study programs. He is the author of numerous scientific and professional articles, webinars, and one textbook. He is a frequent and inspiring speaker at conferences on the topic of business transformation.