Matična institucija:

RTL Hrvatska

Područje stručnosti:

Marketing, Customer Experience, PR, CRM and Market Eesearch

O predavaču:

Hrvoje has more than 20 years of experience in marketing, customer experience, PR, CRM and market research. He was the Director of Marketing and Corporate communications at Croatia osiguranje, Director of CX and Market Research at Zagrebačka banka, and the Global Head of CRM and Customer experience at FOREO Sweden. Currently, he works for RTL as a Director of CRM and CX for Voyo Adria. Hrvoje also has a lot of experience as a lecturer after spending 7 years as an external lecturer at Algebra university.

Hrvoje believes strongly that seamless customer experience lies at the hearth of every solid omnichannel strategy. Also, he advocates for the transformative power of AI and other technologies in elevating customer experiences. His participation in the MBA program "The Omnichannel sales and marketing transformation" will offer invaluable insights and perspectives.