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Marketing, Customer Success, and Sales - within the software, digital, and subscription product sectors

O predavaču:

Igor's professional journey spans over a decade, focusing on marketing, customer success, and sales within the software, digital, and subscription product sectors. His roles have included Head of Revenue - Marketing Sales and Customer Success at Determ, Head of Marketing at Lemax, Product Marketing Manager at Infobip, and Customer Marketing Manager at A1 Croatia.

In these positions, he has demonstrated his expertise in aligning product details with commercial strategies, driving significant growth, and leading teams to achieve strategic marketing goals that resonate with overall business objectives. His accomplishments include enhancing website traffic, increasing sales-qualified leads, boosting revenue, reducing churn, and improving customer engagement.

His passion and expertise are centered on the integration of marketing strategies with comprehensive business goals. He advocates for a data-driven approach, utilizing analytics and customer insights to drive decisions and strategy. His results indicate a strong belief in the power of targeted marketing and customer-centric strategies to achieve sustainable business growth and customer loyalty. Igor's success in diverse roles reflects his conviction in the transformative power of strategic marketing and customer engagement in today's dynamic business environment.