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Agilcon & Digital IQ

Područje stručnosti:

Business and residential sales, Marketing, Digital Transformation, Mergers and Acquisitions, Leadership, Omni Channel Management, Product development, Business Development, Strategy Development and Implementation, Customer Relationship Management, Change Management and Transformation

O predavaču:

Senad Kulenović started his career in Carmetal, automotive company, where he worked as purchase ad IT manager from 1996 till 2000. He moved on to Iskon Internet, where he started working, first as Key Account manager, with eventually taking over role of Sales Director in 2003. After Iskon was acquired by Croatian Telecom, in 2007 Senad decided to join Management team of Croatia in a role of Sales and marketing director. In 2011 he was promoted to position of Board member for sales and marketing. During his 4 year mandate, B.nets’ yearly revenue grew from 10 to 40 mil € which eventually led to VIPnets acquisition of for 93 mil €uro in 2011. Following B.nets acquisition, Senad joined Croatian Telecom in a position of Executive director for eBusiness from 2012 to 2014. From November 2014 Senad was Executive director for sales and marketing in H1 telekom, till H1 was acquired by Optima Telekom in July 2017.

In 2017, together with his wife, Senad has founded Digitalni nomad d.o.o., company specialized in creating Digital Transformation strategies and operational plans for mid-size and large companies. Since founding, Senad has worked in several industries successfully creating strategies for publishing, pharma, drug wholesale, ICT and apparel companies in Croatia, Austria and Serbia. In addition to being cofounder of Digitalni nomad, Senad is partner and CDO in Agentius d.o.o., company specialized for digital transformation of Pharma companies with strong focus on creation and execution of multichannel strategies in health industry.

In addition to his entrepreneurial activities, Senad is external Digital Transformation consultant for ICT HUB Belgrade, leading Digital innovation partner for large and enterprise companies in Serbia.

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