Matična institucija:

Gartner Adriatic/Calisto

Područje stručnosti:

IT Management, Innovation, Digital Transformation, Leadership, Business Development, Strategy Development and Implementation, Business Excellence Programs, Management Consulting.

O predavaču:

Ivan Maglić is Managing Director at Calisto, the representative of Gartner Inc, global ICT research and advisory company. He is responsible for Gartner business operations and development in Adriatic region, including primarily Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Ivan has graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Zagreb. During his business career, he has been developing his knowledge and skills in number of training sessions, both in INA and Gartner. He also has experience as teacher, training numbers of IT beginners in operating systems (Unix), database management and programming (Oracle).

Ivan has started off his professional career in 1988 as computer programmer in INA, working in several technical environments, including operating systems, databases and application development. Afterwards he was appointed as Chief of Development Department, coordinating some of the key application areas for INA. He was also Director of the first Croatian project of SAP ERP implementation. In 1997. he was appointed as an associate Board Member and CIO/IT Director of INA operations (upstream and downstream).

At Calisto, Ivan is engaged with local business community and public organizations in order to help build awareness of technology impact on overall business processes and economy. He works with board members and directors, in both public and commercial organizations, to help bridge the communication gap and understanding between ICT and the rest of the organization. In cooperation with leading Gartner analysts, Ivan is bringing useful insights on digital disruption on business, specifically on particular industry verticals (e.g. banking, insurance, and manufacturing).

Ivan has over 14 years’ experience in leading diverse teams in EU and US multi-cultural and international surroundings, experience with different industries and organizations, including project, line and matrix based organization. He has great leadership and management track record with tangible results in improving business efficiency, creating new company value and successful management of organization transformation. He is the author of book "Introduction to Unix", published in two editions.

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